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energy field    Vibralife Institute Laboratories are proud to introduce Equilibrex, the only scientifically proven “Energy field regulator” in existence today that does not require any man made external source of power.

Equilibrex was designed in laboratories with the highest degree of precision to duplicate the geometrical structure of the manifestations of higher energies constituting what is commonly known as life force .

It acts as a constant pulse transmitter that generates a powerful energy field similar to the one created by the forces responsible for our vital energy. This process neutralizes potentially harmful molecular vibrations by magnifying stable energy fields.


The key to Equilibrex success lies in its mathematical blueprint. Equilibrex's design is a mathematical reproduction of the Universal Life Force geometrical configuration and its Quadra-dimensional layout acts as a transformer that intensifies ascending energies by magnifying specific frequencies.


Introduce Equilibrex to any living system and the result is a more powerful, well-balanced and extremely healthy energy field.

We all know the vital importance of a strong energy field. Modern science is now just recognizing its mere existence. A strong and balanced energy field leads to a healthy physical life but more importantly, it insures that we are mentally ready to tackle all of our daily problems and exponentially better our lives.

We have discovered that when Equilibrex is introduced to a system, its entire structure rearranges itself at the molecular level to become more ordered, closer to the structure of a purer element.

In fact, extensive studies have shown that contaminated aqueous solutions rapidly transform and show amazing signs of purification within a very short amount of time.


The free flowing and Quadra-dimensional design makes Equilibrex the scientific device of long standing spiritual beliefs!

Introduce Equilibrex to your life and start enjoying extraordinary vital energy with all of its benefits and powers. Learn more



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Casey Viator & Schwarzenegger


"What does it mean to be the best? It's nothing but a state of mind where everything is working for you, not against you. The more things you have working for you, the closer to perfection you get. Equilibrex regulates my energy flow which allows me to recuperate faster. With Equilibrex I have increased my energy intake, I definitely have gained an edge!! "

                                    Casey Viator


Youngest Mr. America in History

2004 Body Building Hall of Fame





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