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Modern scientists have just come to realize what has been known for centuries: Everything is vibrating! Molecular vibration is the fuel of existence, and all vibrations have corresponding geometrical manifestations. 


Itís a well-known fact that sound can be measured in frequencies. All sounds manifest a specific geometric structure that is unique to each individual sound only. Our latest research has proven that thoughts also have specific geometrical patterns and the very same is true for all forms of energy. In order to increase your mental focus level and reduce the effects of stress, one must raise mental vibrations.


Equilibrex precisely reproduces the geometric patterns of five key elements of Existence, what we call life energy: evolution, proportion, unity, direction, and purpose.

The geometric representation of those elements dictates a manifestation of those forces, like a shadow demands a presence and vice versa.


Equilibrex not only continuously attracts higher forces, but it concentrates those forces into one field, becoming a second source of life energy.


The vibrational field generated by Equilibrex interacts with the one generated by your body. The process produces a state of equilibrium. Pertaining to the Laws of Physics, the Equilibrex vibrations are higher in energy than yours, (transferring that energy to you), and you'll feel an internal gain of power. This process will reduce the effects of stress and increase your mental focus potential until a balanced state is reached.


Equilibrex provides you with a source of unequal power that helps defer the harmful, unhealthy vibrations present in your daily life. It acts as an Energy field purifier that constantly elevates your physical performance and increases your mental focus. Read the Equilibrex experiment.




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