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STRESS!  We read about it, hear about it, complain about it, and are constantly surrounded by it.  It permeates every area of our life, regardless of age, background, socioeconomic status, or gender.


Stress occurs when the pressures upon us exceed our threshold to cope with those pressures.  Stress is the result of how your mind and body react when confronted with demanding situations.  Stress may result from anything that interferes with the smooth and efficient operation of your cells, and throws you out of balance.  The event that triggers this reaction may be termed a stressor.  Itís a fact of life that you are continuously encountering such stressors, some of which you may not even be aware of.


 Everyone has his individual way of expressing stress.  Iím sure each and everyone of you has experienced its bad effects:  the knotted stomach, headaches, increased heartbeat, sweaty palms, nervous habits, insomnia, anxiety, impatience, anger, irritability, lack of energy---these are just a few symptoms many of you have accepted as essential elements simply for getting through the day.  Symptoms fall into three categories:  emotional, physical, and behavioral.


Stress emanates from both external and internal factors. The major causes of Stress can be divided these into four broad areas:


Physical environment Social Psychological
Noise Poverty Anxiety
Air quality Unemployment Depression
Water quality Discrimination Guilt
Chemical pollution Monotony Worry
Illness Life changes Religion
Bodily injury Holidays Politics


The Psychosocial factors include but are not limited to:

Relationship problems, Interpersonal friction with co-workers, friends and family members, economic dislocations, feelings of helplessness in the face of national and international events, and increasing rates of change in technological innovations.


Maintaining a balanced mind and body is the key to good health and happiness. You must be able to recognize the many forms of stress that affect you, and learn how to cope with them.

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You could be more affected
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Studies show that a high percentage of illnesses and injuries are directly related to our level of stress.





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